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We all have a story to be told and how we see the world offers a unique perspective. When shared, story has the power to shift consciousness, inspire countless others and even change the world.

Never let a lack of education stop you from sharing your message. Your voice is what matters, what you have witnessed and seen as a part of your experience is uniquely yours, it is what forms your story.

How To Get Your Story Told

Many people believe that to write a book you must actually write. This is not true. You can speak your story into being by having someone write your words, or better yet, by recording your experience and then having it transcribed. Today, it is easy and costs nothing to have a book self published with sites such as CreateSpace.

I encourage youngsters from all over the world to share their stories, especially with children and families in the United States because for many Americans, there is little understanding of what childhood “looks like” through the eyes of a child who lives in another land, another culture.

The every day things you do have meaning and purpose. Your family may depend on you for clean water or grain. You may be in charge of younger siblings who depend on your for safety. You may know about games or ways of going things that has made your job easier and other girls would like to know. Or, you may have had a difficult journey and just by reaching out and sharing, help and prayers may friend their way to you.

Your Words Matter

Th important thing to remember is that your words do matter, because you matter. You are a one of a kind and beautiful being who was born to this earth to experience all you do and to teach others from your experience.

Education may help you to better communicate what you have lived thus far, but it is not needed for you to be amazing and wonderful. You have learned that through life, observation, experience and participation. You were born learning and all you do today is a result of something you learned along the way.

Never be afraid that if you lack education from a school, that you will not learn. You learned to eat, to stand, to walk and to run on your own. You can learn anything on your own that you desire. You need only seek the opportunity and then take action when you find it.

Find a helper, a mentor to help you in sharing your voice. Someone you feel comfortable with and trust and share your story. If they have access to computers and internet, they can publish your story and it can be told. You can list ways to help and even ask people to come and meet you to understand your story and way of life better. Parents can arrange connections with people who do care around the world and facilitate a conversation that may create change for good in your world.

You have a voice and a story, an important one and I invite you to share.

*If you are a traveler who often finds yourself volunteering and meeting such wonderful girls, I encourage you to read my latest book Book Power: A Platform for Writing, Branding, Positioning & Publishing and use the tools within to help your favorite girls to share their stories. If cost is a barrier to you getting this information, please contact me directly at Kytka@KytkaMedia.com and request a .pdf copy of the book. These girls have amazing stories and they need helpers to make their voices heard.

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