Bestseller Authority Kytka Gets Tiffany & Co. Collector’s Book

By Posted in - Bestseller Authority News on November 5th, 2013 0 Comments Bestseller Authority Gift for Kytka

Sometimes the gift I receive from my ghostwriting clients are not pens, like the beautiful Mont Blanc I received from my last client. Sometimes they touch on my femininity and pass along a special little treasure that only a girl would love. This morning I went to collect my mail and in it a delicate package.

When I unwrapped it, a lovely vintage pill box from Tiffany & Co.  Apparently, this extremely rare pill box appeared one year only in the New York catalog in 1953 and it is a Tiffany Collectors item. I feel so blessed to receive such a gift and I attribute it to the exchange and relationship brought about from working intimately with someone as a ghostwriter.

One author I worked with told me it was like a “soul exchange”. Another told me that I had “captured the words that were trapped within”. Personally, I feel as though it is like an intimate relationship. You are privy to the most personal details and the level of trust in the relationship is so necessary for the content to really flow forth.

I was so surprised when I received my first gift after I completed a manuscript and I felt so honored in a way which the money I had earned did not really address – this was personal and intimate. Now it seems, that every new author has learned of this practice and the last 3 authors have given me such wonderful gifts..

I am truly blessed.

View the lovely Mont Blanc pen I received…

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