Re-purposing Your Academic Thesis into a Bestseller

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Re-purposing Your Academic Thesis into a Bestseller

Remember all of the work you put into your thesis? Days, weeks, months went into the research and in the end you have a hefty academic document which was useful for your degree, but not for much of anything else.

Have you ever considered the idea of rewriting it and turning it into a book which would appeal to the commercial marketplace?

If so then there are several things that you need to take into consideration before you begin.

First, it’s not as simple as giving it a revision, but an actual complete remake of the entire documentation. The reason for this is because you are targeting a different audience entirely.

What you must keep in mind is that most readers don’t care about the kind of extensive research you had to conduct to get your information. They want to get the knowledge in simple detail with the most important basics of how you came to learn it. More so, they are thinking “what is in it for me?” and they are likely looking for your solution to their problem.

In this article I am going to give you some tips on the best way to turn your thesis into a bestseller.

Rearrange and Retrofit the Material

Every time you write anything for a book, you need to make sure that the most important and intriguing aspect of the plot can be somehow introduced to the reader from the start. Make them a promise. Remember, they are thinking “what’s in this for me?” and you want to make them a big promise of the solution you will deliver from the content of the book. This will make it possible for you to keep the person glued to your book and flipping page after page to get to the next important breakthrough in the content. All of your research information and the discussions that bring out theories and analysis should be placed in later chapters. They should be reworded in a way which speaks to “everyday people” and not academics.

Remove the Academic Assistance

There is no need to summarize so much information when you are working on a commercial book. This is precisely why you need to get rid of all the methodology and the detailed information about your findings.  While this content is essential for a thesis, it does not belong in a commercial book targeted at your ideal audience. When it does appear in a commercial book created for marketing purposes, all it does is disrupt the attention of the reader and bore them with protocols and formalities.

Remove the use of footnotes and keep the focus on information which will be most valuable for your reader.  Remember why you are creating this book in the first place. Keep your reader interested in the topic and not in all your personal research. Of course it does not hurt to give some background information on the experiences you’ve had and the thing you have learned, but the focus should always be on the topic of the book and in offering a solution to the readers problem.

Make sure that the focus is on the core of the problem and solution you offer if you really want to capture the attention of your readers. Your goal is to have your readers enjoy reading your book, feel that you have given them value and for those ready to go deeper, to have them contact you for your coaching, consultation, products or services.

Rewrite As Much As Needed

How much of it will you have to rewrite? Well, if you are planning on making the best out of a thesis to turn it into a book, you will have to revise every single word and get rid of the complex jargon. You will have to look for new way to express every single idea and thought in plain English. You will want to avoid overusing the fancy words that usually plague academic reports.

The body of the work will need to be retrofitted into smaller chapters. Paragraphs will have to be deconstructed into smaller and easier to read bundles of information. You need to use keywords and keyword phrases in the first 15% of the book for search engine assistance. Think in terms of advertising sound bites. Keep reminding yourself that people today are likely familiar with communicating across social media channels where ideas come across in 2 sentences or less.

You want your reader engaged and to have a pleasurable experience reading that does not suck time out of his or her busy life. You need to make sure that they gain value and that this inspires them to speak about your book and share with their friends.

You Have To Think Sound Bite Going Viral

Have you ever seen the viral YouTube videos that spread like wildfire? That is what you want readers to do with your book.

Because of this, there will not only be rewriting involved but you will also have to do a lot of new writing to make up for all the words that you will discard. We also highly recommended that you speak in first person to turn the book into a more personal and engaging experience for your audience.

Your thesis is not a manuscript for a commercial book. Your thesis is an original academic document created following very strict protocols. Much of your time and effort went into it and you did gain your academic rewards. But what about all of that information that you gathered in the process? It’s very likely that you use it every day. So why not use that information to create a commercial book?

The Best Marketing Tool

Having a book in your marketing and advertising arsenal is the very best decision you can make. The book positions you as an authority and expert in your field. By publishing across different media channels and through bookstores, you immediately gain a residual income on auto-pilot. Being seen at all online re sellers improves your search result performance. Do you know that Amazon has over 300 million registered buyers and it works much like a search engine?

Amazon search results top even Google in most cases. To have your book appear on Amazon will likely push you to the top of a Google search and again, people looking for you or your services will be immediately impressed to see the clout you carry as an author, a bestselling author.

Because of their books, many of our authors get invited to speak, deliver keynotes and presentations. They become the sought after expert in their field. Media is also attracted to authors and offers come in for radio, guest blog and even television appearances. All of this combined leads to the ability to raise your prices and have income from various previously untapped sources.

Thesis Retrofitting Services

At Bestseller Authority, we specialize in taking your academic work and making it a commercial success bringing new leads to your door and positioning you in an advantageous light to your customers. Our expert writers and editors know how to make your information start working for you bringing income and opportunities to your door.

The process is quite simple and you can go from thesis to published bestseller in as little as 6 weeks. You will have complete control of your intellectual property after publication. The unsurpassed quality of your book will be noted in the writing, interior and cover design and marketability. We make it simple by coordinating the entire project from initial consultation to bestseller success. At Bestseller Authority our goal is to deliver personal attention and professionalism at the highest level of value and we offer individual service.  Your thesis will be transformed into a commercial book, a bestseller, which will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A thesis retrofitting requires a minimum investment of $12,000.

Contact us to get started today!

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