The Successful Trader

In this game-changing book by Jeremy Downing, founder of The Cashflow Trader Program and Author of The Successful Trader, you’ll discover that our current investment systems are broken. Relying on other people to secure wealth for your future is a system that is no longer trusted but there is an alternative and the alternative is YOU.

You are the best person to look after your financial future. You are the one who cares most about your financial future and so it makes perfect sense to you to control it.

Anyone, and that means YOU, can learn to trade.

In The Successful Trader, expert trader Jeremy Downing reveals the way forward for the trading beginner and everyday person.

Filled with honest, practical and achievable steps, this book abounds in this guide to building wealth for your future in only 5 minutes a day!

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Jeremy goes to #1 in the Stock Market Investing Category

Jeremy Downing The Successful Trader #1 Bestselling Author


Then our efforts moved Jeremy to  #1 in the Retirement Planning category.


Jeremy Downing The Successful Trader Becomes #1 Bestseller


Finally, hitting a vague category like “non-fiction” is quite difficult, but our team got Jeremy to #2.

The #1 book is also our client, Bryan Zimmerman.


#1 Bestselling Author Jeremy Downing

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