Get Off & Ride

Bestseller Authority Book Positioning Strategy Creates Higher Rankings on Google

Joyce Pellegrini met Bestseller Authority in late 2007. By 2009 she was ready to make the dream of telling her motorcycle adventures to the world in the form of a book. Bestseller Authority helped Joyce by coaching her to write “Get Off The Back Seat and Ride”.

This empowered Joyce and inspired her to take her message on the road. She quit her job and went cross country living her dream. Stopping at motorcycle shops along the way and picking up clients and new stories, she’s now working on her third book.

A quick internet search showed her dominating Amazon and aligning with Harley Davidson on a national book signing tour.


The wonderful thing about having a book on Amazon is that it causes your name to rank higher in search engines like Google and thus increase your overall visibility. This is page 1 of Google and clearly she dominates it.


Joyce is a powerful go-getter and we’re sure there will be even more to come. It was an honor to teach her the process, help with her first book and get her to the forefront of her area of interest, passion and expertise.

Go Joyce!

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