Pathways to Prosperity

Bestseller Authority highlights local leader with meet the author opportunity

Vicki Apple is an Internet Marketing Strategist who has been building successful websites for over 8 years. It wasn’t always easy for her, as there were many learning curves to overcome along the way and many dollars spent in search of all the answers. Now she’s converted all of her knowledge and experience, gained through the years into a step by step process that covers everything you need to know to create a successful online business. Vicki currently conducts both group and individual training and consulting sessions helping people get started (or unstuck) with their internet businesses.

Bestseller Authority highlighted Vicki and invited her to speak at the Tampa Live event where Vicky was a hit. As a result of the positioning strategy and being seen as an expert, she began coaching others in her area and is now highly sought after for her experience and expertise.  Vicky wanted a book to use as a business card and she completed her book start to published in less than 3 weeks.


  • Book Coaching
  • Commercial Book Creation
  • Speedy Content Creation
  • Re-purposing Content
  • Outcome Strategy
  • Do It Yourself Instruction

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