Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures (tentative title) is scheduled for release in February 2014. This book was created for many reasons. One was to finally answer the question that most people ask the author most most; how does he do what he does.  Another was to give his clients and friends some background to unravel the mystery…


Chapter Sample

When It Shifts

Chapter Lesson:

Looking at production and discerning between true vision and a story or a dream.

You may be asking if there is ever a shift from a story or dream into a vision and the answer is yes. It does happen.

The key sign that it is shifting is that they begin to have a solid outline of plans which you see being executed based on their timeline. They begin to speak in terms of what needs to be done first, then second and so on. You can see that they see much farther along the path then today or tomorrow.

They begin to have many more action steps that they are taking, more formulated plans. You can track progress by asking what the steps are and then observing if the timeline is being respected. If nothing has been achieved then it is obvious that the person you are dealing with only has a dream. Serious people take action.

I call this “verification”. To protect yourself, always verify anything that a person claims. I have actually had people create a dream or story while talking with me on the phone.

Have them explain in more depth by asking questions.

You can engage this process by saying something like “Wow, all of this sounds very wonderful. When did you begin to structure this?”

“That is awesome. Tell me, how much of this have you achieved?” That answer will provide many clues as to what you can expect from that person.

Many will attempt to sidestep the question, but be persistent. If they answer “I just came up with this idea six months ago”, then ask “and how far have you come – do you have the foundational pieces in place?” If they happen to give you actual results, make sure to verify the results.

The deeper you go into questioning, the more of an idea you will have as to where they are in the process. If they are moving as they say, their answers will be clear and they will sound comfortable. In their comfort, you too can be comforted because with some verification, hopefully all will be as they have said.

Always think in terms of “show me” rather than “tell me”. I mention this because it is simple to be a really good talker. Most people can talk up a good game, but how many can actually play? This is what you need to discover prior to working with anyone.

A smooth operator can talk you into anything and you do not have time or money to waste, so always verify. Do not be afraid to ask and share that this is what you are doing. Say something like “I would feel much more comfortable if I were to verify your information that you just shared because I have been burned in the past and I just need to make sure I do not make the same mistake.”

Watch their production. Check in from time to time and see what progress has occurred.  Never just accept their words at face value or believe them because it sounds good. They should earn your trust. Request that they show you the steps. If they refuse, then it only exists in their head as a dream or a story and it is not a vision with the necessary steps to implement. Do you understand the difference?

Another important lesson here is learning to value your own time. Many of us realize that maybe we cannot do it all alone and we are looking for joint ventures to create teams and move forward faster. But a team is not necessarily the best team. You are never in a position to waste precious time.

Even if you are already in something and by reading this you realize that you may have gotten involved with a storyteller or a dreamer, let go.

Respect your time enough to walk away, even if you have invested six months or a year. Knowing when to leave is a good strategy too. Because if you stick with a storyteller or dreamer, ultimately, it’s only going to cost you more time.

Keep emotion out of it. Just focus on the facts and the logic. No matter how nice they may be, keep this rule as a promise to yourself because if you don’t chances are you will waste even more time and later find yourself wondering what you could have, should have done.  Close the chapter.

If you keep revisiting it in your mind, it is as though you are still actually invested because your time is still there. If you keep it, it is dead weight, junk, a virus in your mind. Let it go.

If your computer has been corrupted with a virus, you would wipe everything on the drive. Wipe the experience completely and format a whole new drive. If you don’t then you will not be able to fully focus on other things, things that will move you forward faster.

Another lesson learned. Education. You paid for your college, this is just continuing education. Learn from the mistake and move on.

“Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent.  Most talents are, to some extent, a gift.  Good character, by contrast, is not given to us.  We have to build it piece by piece-by thought, choice, courage and determination.”

– John Luther


 Have you experienced the shift from dream to vision? I would love for you to join the discussion

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