Immediate Happiness


Anil is as happy as a clam with his book. Shortly after the books release, he was asked to speak at Awesomeness Fest and then to do a presentation at Harvard University. Anil’s message is simple and yet powerful and he is a powerful and very effective speaker. Anil needed a book to get that extra credibility to open more doors and opportunities for him and that is exactly what we accomplished with Immediate Happiness.


Anil has had great success with accomplishing the desired outcome we had for him and his message is now able to reach more people.

He also had a few nice words to share about his experience with what we do….

It’s a delight to work with people who make the world a better place!

  • Anil Gupta
  • Transcription to Commercial Book
  • Outcome Strategy
  • Ghostwriting
  • Interior Graphic Elements
  • Interior Formatting & Design
  • Proofreading
  • Bestseller Engineering
  • Ongoing Book Marketing

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