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In 1997 Bonnie Dye left the corporate rat race to become an entrepreneur. She now owns and manages several small businesses, where every day brings something new and exciting. As an experienced facilitator, author and internet marketing strategist, Bonnie enjoys coaching individuals to help them grow their companies. She currently leads a monthly mastermind group of small business owners and conducts weekly training sessions to help people increase their online presence.

Bonnie came to Bestseller Authority in 2010 for coaching and seeking a book shepherd. She needed a book very quickly to give to potential clients at networking meetings she was attending. We worked together and she quickly grasped the process, learned the procedure and went full speed ahead on her book.

Bonnie never intended to sell many copies online. She is happy that she can order copies at under $2 cost with no minimum order amounts and that she can use her book as a business card. Her clients get the “Wow factor” and she’s perceived as the local expert in her market.

It was a delight working with Bonnie.


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