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In today’s economy, everyone is looking for a way to create a little extra money on the side. Job security is a thing of the past and people are beginning to understand the disadvantages of putting all of their eggs in one basket.

Retirees whose checks seem to be shrinking are learning how to sell on eBay, students are partnering with small business owners and teaching them social media and millions of people are searching “make money online”. Last month alone over 4,000,000 people searched “how can I make money”? Times are tough and people are hurting.

Internet marketing opportunists know this and almost every day my email box is flooded with the next “get rich fast” sales letter telling me how all of my problems will be solved if only I buy their course. But would I suggest that as a permanent solution? No. There is too much to learn and it’s something unfamiliar, something I do not know. My question is, how can I monetize what I already do, what I already know? How can I grow my small business and stand above the crowd? How do I get seen and heard in the noisy world of social media?

There is so much information out there, it is overwhelming. Do I get a Facebook account or tweet? Do I list on Google places or have my customers check in on Foursquare? I heard reviews are good, how do I convince my customers to leave reviews, and where is the best place to do so? Where do I even begin?

My advice is to begin with what you know. Because what you know is already there. You do not have to reinvent the wheel or learn anything new.

What if I told you that you are sitting on an untapped income stream that to access would take you, at most, a week? What if I told you that with one small commitment of approx. a weekend, you could have something that brings clients to your door, elevates your levels of credibility and authority and makes you the trusted source in your niche? What if by doing this, pre-qualified clients would come looking for you? What if all you needed to do was to commit a few days and you would have something making you money which would arrive in the form of royalty checks for many years to come. And what if I said that is not even the best part… What if suddenly doors began to open to you and you would have invitations for media interviews, guest blog posts, speaking engagements and workshop presentations? Can you imagine the extra revenue you could stack as a result of doing this one thing?

That would be awesome, right?

I am talking about creating a book.

Now do not immediately step back and say “I am not a writer” because if you notice, I said “create” a book, not “write” a book. There is a big difference. The fact is that people don’t know how easy it is because no one talks about the simple ways that books can be written. Now please understand that I am not referring to the next American literary masterpiece here. I am referring to a non-fiction book of the information you already know.

Ask yourself, what is your business is about? Can you list three main advantages your business has? Do you have information that could save people time or offer them a shortcut? Are there mistakes or pitfalls to avoid? Was there a specific strategy or plan you followed when building your business? How did you get started?

What you have in your mind, right now, is the knowledge and wisdom of experience and that is incredibly valuable to those who are on a similar path. You may argue that information is everywhere these days, but that is to your advantage. There is too much information that people have no time to sift through it all for these nuggets of wisdom. They want ease and convenience. They want real life experience, not theory.

Would it be more appealing to you if I share how easy it is to create a book and then self publish on Amazon, the world’s largest buyers search engine in the world? Amazon works very hard to sell content, YOUR content. That is what their company is built upon and they need more content. They have made it so simple to publish with them, both physical book and kindle form. They pay above average royalty fees and the checks always arrive on time. But it gets better than that. You see, Amazon wants to dominate. They want to take over, so they are making the buyer/seller experience more social media friendly. You can now pin your books on Pinterest, tweet about your book, and share reviews on Facebook with one click.

What does this mean? Lots of back links. Lots of social media traffic. Something called “buzz”, which is what brings buyers and clients to you. They allow authors their own page where they can import their blog feed, list their tweets and post videos. Do you know how powerful it is to have numerous back links to Amazon? The best part is that while this activates and aligns your entire online presence, Google takes notice as well and you improve in their rankings. You site begins to climb towards the top of the page and you have not spent once cent on advertising. The best part is that Amazon is doing this work for you because, again, they want to sell your content so they are your best promoter.

Your book has the potential to be the best marketing tool you have ever invested in. So what’s the catch? It must cost hundreds if not thousands to publish a book right? Wrong. It’s free and you can purchase copies at cost with no minimums. The average cost of a book of approx. 160 pages is approx. $2.75. This is a book which can easily retail at Amazon for $14.95.

I’ve written numerous books over the years, some under my own name and others under my pen names. The first book I wrote was 15 years ago. My royalty on this particular book is approx. $9. I sell between 25-35 books each month without doing any work at all. Each month I receive a royalty check for approx. $270. Now, that is not a lot of money – but I wrote the book 15 years ago and consistently the check arrives. That one book alone has made me over $40,000 during the course of the 15 years. It cost me nothing but time to create, and the time spent was minimal – a few days!

It was so simple after I figured out how to create a book and not write it, I wrote another, and another, and another. Are you getting the idea? But I am a single mom and a stay at home parent, so I have time. I have varied interests and I do a lot of research, so I find a lot of things to summarize and create books about.

Let’s say that you are busy and have a standard 40 hour work week with a service business. Would this work for you? Of course! If you were willing to dedicate the time to create your book, in a couple short weeks you would have what I like to call ‘the new business card”. Imagine walking into the networking meeting with your book. Do you believe that your book would carry more weight than a regular business card? You bet! Send your book to local radio and chamber of commerce, business organizations, etc. and wait for the phone to ring.

You see, authors have instant implied credibility. They are seen as “experts” and the experts are the one’s customers seek out. The potential to leverage that is extremely valuable. Your marketing materials improve with your book cover shown on them. And if your take advantage of your new position and say “yes” to interview request pretty soon they will say things such as “As Featured on Your Carolina”. These video clips, interviews, radio audios can all be transcribed into content for your website or blog. They can be created into mp3 files that your customers can download.

I discuss all of this and more in detail in Book Power: A Platform for Writing, Branding, Positioning and Publishing. I take you through the process from start to finish in an easy gamified way where you just follow each “mission” through to completion. The strategies I share in the book are things that most people do not know exist. But they are simple, easy, low or no cost and the only real investment is your time, which if you follow my instructions should be no more than a week of a few hours per day. Yet the benefits you can reap from writing one book will change the way you see marketing in an information age forever. If you follow my instructions and leverage the power of a book, it will work to your advantage for many years to come and will be producing consistent royalties as an added bonus.

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