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Kytka has done a while lot of traveling. She learned very early in her life to cherish the live of working for herself. She’s able to work from anywhere due to being a writer and a speaker. To her it feels more like playing. She enjoys her freedom of not having to be tied down to a 9 to 5 job. She’s even accompanied by her children when she travels. Their curriculum is experiencing the world around them.

Kytka allows her inner truth to come forward while she’s writing. She’s not worried about being judged or even measured by others. As a writer she enjoys freedom that comes from writing. She’s spent the last eight years of her life teaching others how to create books and how easy it can really be. Her inspiration comes from her own life. She also enjoys research.

Welcome to Train with Kytka

There are several ways to find Kytka online. Those ways are listed here below:
Twitter @kytka Pinterest
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kytka
Google+ YouTube
LinkedIn FinerMinds

Kytka also founded Waldorf Homeschooling in 1996
Another way to find more about Kytka is to Google her name.

The book that Kytka has written is called:“Book Power”
“Book Power” is a book filled with tips for writers. Some of these tips and tricks will help you get published and holding your book in your hand within a few days to a week. It gives you all the tools for a rapid success. This book will also show you industry secrets to publishing and marketing your book. Published authors gain more respect than those that are not published.

Some of the things covered in this book are as follows:
Understand why a book is a business card and a marketing tool.
Become the expert person to go to.
Win the trust of your customers.
Build a hub to support all of your marketing efforts.
Maximize your online platform and social media.

Who will this book benefit? (Just naming a few.)
Those who want more business, customers and clients.
Want the credibility and trust you deserve.
You have a powerful message you know that is needed today.
Know you need a new strategy in marketing your business.
Deepen your relationship with your clients.

What you will learn from “Book Power” (just to name a few).
Why you want to publish with Createspace and Kindle.
Benefits of being a published author.
Proper formatting.
Book cover design.
What a platform is.
How to promote with book tours.
The best ways to promote your book.
How to use your book to gain media exposure.


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