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Kytka’s combined 100+ websites have over 1,000 articles online and she has been featured in numerous media. On this page you will see but a very small sample of highlights from other sources.

Toys That Teach: A Lesson In Reverence, Gratitude and Beauty

A toy is something your child invests precious time in and in this way it acts as a teacher. The right toy can teach your child to care, to be watchful and conscious, to be careful, to appreciate, to love. In your child’s hands are the keys to learning to be grateful, to appreciate beauty, to have a sense of peace and reverence for life in all its forms… By the same token, the wrong toys can teach your child anger, frustration, disregard, insult and mockery.

Three Keys To Turn the Terrible Two’s Into Terrific Two’s

Have you ever seen a frustrated parent at the store with their children? The children look so tired and stressed out, as does mom or dad. What makes some parents suffer through the “terrible twos” while others are enjoying the “terrific twos”? These three simple strategies may be the key you are looking for to shift your child from terrible to terrific.

Waldorf Form Drawing: Creative Re-Wiring of the Brain

Physical movement with the child’s entire body should always precede any attempt at putting anything on paper. The child should be asked to stand straight with their arms straight above their heads. They should be able to run a straight line forward. They should attempt it with their eyes closed, then walk the line backwards and so on. Then they should draw the line in the air in front of them, and practice drawing it with their arms, hands, legs…

ADD, Moods or Just Old Fashioned Temperaments

Rudolf Steiner believed that our lives are the confluence of two streams: the stream of the past and the stream of the future. The stream of the past is closely tied to the hereditary forces. The stream of the future is closely tied to individuality and destiny. Understanding the temperaments allows parents and parents-as-teachers to help their students gain a sense of balance in life. Steiner suggests that we work WITH the temperament to help the children overcome the one-sidedness that their temperament might create.

Balance In A Child’s Life: Strengthening The Will

A child must develop a balance between rest and activity. There must be a rhythm of contraction and expansion, in breathing and out breathing. Children need time to find balance between solitude and companionship and not to be constantly placed into social groups and around other youngsters. They need time to rest, to think, to wonder. The most significant factor in early childhood, from the point of will development, is the presence of clear rhythms in every day life. “Everything in the nature of rhythm and repetition strengthens the will.”

Wisdom of a Five Year Old: What Parents Can Learn

Do you ever stop and pause long enough to allow the wisdom from your child to come forth? I often stop my day and quietly turn on the recorder and engage my children in conversation, just to allow the well of their wisdom to come forth and with that process I am always blessed and I gain a greater respect for each one of them. Here I share one of those conversations.

Waldorf Dolls: The Natural Choice

In an age of consumerism, children often grow up thinking that things magically come from stores. They miss out on the process of something being made, of watching it develop out of nothing more than scraps of fabric and tiny stitches, inspiration and hard work. These soft, cuddly baby dolls are simple to make, fun to personalize and impossible to resist!

Bonus Book Promotions Are The Latest Win-Win-Win Marketing Strategy

I’m sure you have seen the pages before. Buy a book for $18.95 and collect over $5,000 in Bonuses! There is a very powerful strategy at play on the back side of that – a joint venture book launch promotion. And what’s in it for you? Well, aside from all of those bonuses, it is a great way to grow your business is by providing a good, relevant bonus to a book launch in your niche.

Why a WIN – WIN – WIN? Three immediate reasons come to mind…

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