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By Posted in - Bestseller Authority News on March 4th, 2014 0 Comments Bestseller Authority Success Story Anil Gupta is invited to Harvard University to discuss Immediate Happiness.

Anil Gupta is a gifted speaker and coach who helps people struggling with life challenges. His personal coaching and seminars on Awareness, Happiness and Fulfillment provide individuals with the knowledge needed to transform their lives. His seminars, personal coaching, retreats and DVD’s provide individuals with the knowledge needed to transform their lives.

Anil’s extraordinary “gift” as an intuitive coach came after experiencing massive personal pains and gains himself. Extensive training and intuitive observation help him quickly identify road blocks to better relationships, improved health and greater awareness.  All who have experienced Anil’s gift soon discover the light within that can transform their lives.

One thing Anil says is “Awareness is the key to growth.” And we asked him if he was aware of how powerful it was to put your content into a book as a marketing and lead generation tool. Because of the simple and yet very effective title, we were able to get Anil to #1 on Amazon within 12 hours of publishing his book. We continue to manage his book and are proud to announce that it has been in the top 100 bestsellers for nearly 6 months.

Opportunities began to “magically” appear at Anil’s door…

As a result of the book, he was invited to speak at Awesomeness Fest in the Dominican Republic.

Bestseller Authority Success Story Anil Gupta Invited to Discuss Immediate Happiness at Awesomeness Fest

Shortly after sunning himself with his beautiful wife Meena in the Dominican Republic, they flew to Boston to speak at Harvard University.

Bestseller Authority author Anil Gupta presents Immediate Happiness at Harvard University

Speaking at Harvard got him onto the radar of other internationally recognized and respected entrepreneurs. Soon he was in Jamaica speaking at Yanik Silver’s exclusive Maverick event. Then he jet setted to Las Vegas, where he took part at the reality show being filmed at the Millionaire’s Mansion. He hopped on a plane and landed in New Orleans where he spoke at the Underground event, an event some call “the marketer’s event of the year” and then he was off to San Diego for exclusive masterminds and a few more high level seminars.




You see, you may have the world’s most awesome information, but if no one knows about you….

Creating Anil’s book and making a bestseller out of it put Anil on the map in a super powerful way. He understood how writing a book is never about the money you make selling books. In fact, I tell all of my authors that it is certain they will not make money on book sales. That is never where the ROI is on this. Having a bestselling book is a CONVERSION strategy and a LEVERAGING TOOL. It can open many doors to highly lucrative opportunities and joint ventures. As a result, you can gain access to both national and international stages and venues where your message can reach potential new clients and that is where your ROI is. It is in the AUTHORITY, CREDIBILITY and EXPERTISE you project as a bestselling, major media quoted and award winning author.

Here’s a quick video of Anil before much of the momentum began… little did he know that he was about to embark on the ride of his life!

Anil was a joy to work with and we are so proud that he is one of our success stories. You can learn more about Anil Gupta at his website: Anil Gupta Inspires.

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